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Paradox of the “Agon”

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

If the Agon, was a instituted site of contestation, struggle and/or conflict, be it either theatre or politics for the Ancients, how does such a mode of instituted visibility play out within a Rancierian framework of what constitutes politics proper? It is my gut feeling (hopefully a more detailed, referenced posting to come), that the institutionalization of ‘agon’ is not compatible within the sphere of politics outlined by Ranciere (and Agamben for that matter). The mode of contestation, proper, is precisely occupying the realm of the invisible, the not-yet-appearance of the political, since in order to have participated within an instituted ‘Agon’ one would already operated under the presupposition of the ‘counted’. The Real situation of the ‘Agon’ is inoperative invisibility, is the site par excellence that needs that is yet-to-be delineated…in the Actual mode of operativity it remains unseen. The task of politics as such, is the reinstate the equality of ‘Agon’, of contestation within the order of the ‘police’ (see previous posting), but it seems to me that the ‘Agon’ the space where one would possess the clout of counting as speech-from-a-party, is precisely the terrain that must be continually excavated, not something that is already-actualized, albeit, always existent, simply not yet counted or rendered as counting as a qualifyable ’speech-act’. The struggle itself, occur not within the Agon per se, but rather, carving out a space in which Agon can be understood as legitimately appearing.