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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

This term came to me the other day within the context of a discussion on allegory and uncanniness. The prefix “Un” denotes not a space of negation, but rather a space of partiality – neither not there, nor there but rather both there and not there. Unthereness is a both – and condition – an oscillatory continuum between the local and the dis-local.

Could not an ‘Unthereness’, or for that matter, and unhereness describe our state of being in communicative activity? Obviously the state of the Wi-Fi cafe for one could describe the type of sociality taking place – assembly in a local environment in order to communicate dis-locally (being there to be elsewhere). Clearly this needs some more thought and elaboration, but one cannot deny the significance of that little prefix “Un” and it’s both-and virtuality – as Samuel Weber suggests – like a stage, a localization which is not contained.