Couples Coaching in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Every relationship makes us grow. But, how can I properly communicate my needs to my partner without making him/her upset? How can I authentically criticize while remaining in empathetic connection with my partner?

Through NVC and its empathic and appreciative communication you will resolve your conflicts and take your relationship to a new level. Nonviolent Communication is the key to new closeness, connection, pleasure and harmony.

GFK Paarberatung, Kommunikation Beratung, Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Berlin
GFK Paarberatung, Kommunikation Beratung, Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Berlin

My NVC coaching for couples in Berlin:

  • understand common conflict situations and hidden needs behind them
  • learn and apply Nonviolent Communication in your realtionships
  • learn to show your feelings and learn to listen empathically
  • observe without judging, speak without judging
  • exposing rigid behavior patterns and transforming them with NVC
  • free yourself from the burden of old conflicts, find new solutions
  • express yourself authentically, powerfully and empathically
  • act self-responsibly, promote self-responsibility
  • empathically set boundaries & make requests
  • understanding your needs and expressing them authentically
  • giving and receiving criticism, overcoming fear of criticism
  • overcoming fear of closeness & fear of commitment
  • expose and transform subconscious inner beliefs
  • being authentic and confident
  • learn to see each other as you really are
  • access your joy of playful curiosity

„Do you want to be right or happy? You can’t be both.“ 

Duration: 90mins
Meeting in person in Kreuzberg or on Zoom/Skype.

Price per couple counseling: 140 Eur

Ask for an appointment:
tel: 030/ 54482123

We went for private coaching sessions with Filip, and it's impressive how much effective outcome was created after each visit. Filip is an empathetic person with great observation and analytic skills. His take on a situation is sharp yet it's delivered with a compassion and humor. Each time we felt that we were getting valuable observations and interpretations that made us elevate above a situation and reflect on it from a variety of perspectives. Sessions with Filip encouraged us growing empathy - towards ourselves and others. We would highly recommend Filip for personal or couple coaching.

Possible occasions for couple coaching with Nviolent communication / NVC are:

You have often the same unresolved topic with your partner, but regardless you try, it doesn’t work out? With NVC, we can look at new strategies that can fulfill your needs.

You want an appreciative space to discuss certain sensitive issues or to look at areas in your relationship where there is always friction. You want to be heard and understood or to lsiten and understand.

You find yourself „in need of harmony“ and find it difficult to distance yourself from the demands, expectations, needs or wishes of others. You want to say „no“ empathically.

Instead of having expectations of the other person, you want to learn to pursue the needs in your relationship with initiative and self-responsibility.

You want to gain more access to your inner life and learn to express it. Develop the trust and ability to open up in your partnership and to be able to express what you feel authentically in words.

There is a lack of closeness, but it is not so clear why, or you cannot overcome the causes. With NVC, you can learn to experience closeness even though you are different and need different things. Empahtetic understanding is the basis for closeness.

There are strong feelings in your relationship that you want to look at, understand and let go off.

You want to learn how you can talk about things that don’t suit you without the other person feeling attacked and withdrawing.

One partner keeps pulling away from you and withdrawing from contact. You want to see why this is happening and how you can take better care of yourselves in the relationship.

You want to see whether old injuries are influencing your relationship and your attachment. You want to develop so that these patterns no longer unconsciously influence your relationship.

There are places in the relationship where you feel attacked, under pressure or simply uncomfortable. How can you use Nonviolent Communication to resolve things in your relationship without resorting to old power-based strategies?

You would like to use NVC to develop a curious new view of each other and discover new things in your partnership, as well as appreciate your individual depth.

You are curious to find out what you could really enjoy and how you can bring new energy and strength into the relationship.

You want to look at your sex life or even your fantasies and see what needs are hidden behind it and how you can shape this togetherness.

You want to become more independent and self-reliant in your partnership and learn to encourage yourself or your partner to take responsibility for themselves.

There is separation and distance between you – old conflicts have left a deep rift due to a lack of trust and fear. You want to resolve this and overcome it with Nonviolent Communication.

There is an alternating dynamic of closeness and distance between you. As soon as one is close, the other moves away and vice versa. You want to maintain a stable closeness and contact in the relationship that feels ok for both of you.

You want to learn to understand each other in your partnership without judging or evaluating, but simply being present for the other person.

You would like create a visual constellation to better understand the dynamics of your family and partnership, using NVC to make the actions and needs behind them visible.

It is important for you to learn how you can use Nonviolent Communication to treat each other more respectfully in your relationship.

You want to clarify your problems in the relationship using appreciative and authentic language while remaining connected to each other.

You would like to practise the attitude of Nonviolent Communication, i.e. compassion, presence, mindfulness, appreciation and personal responsibility, and integrate NVC into your everyday relationships using your own practical examples.

You have the impression that experiences from your childhood are overshadowing and burdening your relationship. You would like to take better care of your „inner child“, create clarity about needs and harmony with NVC.

You are curious to understand which inner parts „hold the rudder“ in conflicts and how you can better integrate them. Why are they there and how can you take better care of them?

When someone hears a demand from us, he sees two possibilities: Submission or rebellion.