Coaching in Nonviolent Communication / NVC

Would you like to improve your communication skills and learn to resolve conflicts effectively while being authentic, powerful and calm? Do you want to grow and pursue self-development with the power of NVC? Then my individual coaching on the basis of Nonviolent Communication is right for you. With NVC we can improve basically any aspect of your life.

Coaching in Kommunikation Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Berlin Beratung Therapie
Paarberatung Paartherapie Coaching in Kommunikation Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Berlin Beratung Therapie GFK

My NVC-based coaching
In a trusting setting using practical exercises, you will learn:

  • the basics of nonviolent / appreciative communication
  • to face your conflicts with NVC and to understand them more deeply
  • feel and express all your feelings
  • transforming the patterns of your behavior & communication
  • the four-step model of NVC communication
  • observing without judging, communicating without judging
  • expressing yourself authentically in harmony with your feelings & needs
  • giving criticism in an authentic and nonviolent way
  • accessing your inner compassion, gratitude & calmness
  • communicating your needs authentically and appreciatively
  • focusing & somatic work, if needed
  • creating more connection and closeness
  • on request & if needed:
    Inner Child Work
    work with inner parts & beliefs
    resolving inner conflicts
    clarifying needs in relationships & at work
    finding motivation & self-efficacy at work
    identifying unfulfilled childhood needs that drive you

trauma-informed, LGBTQ+-friendly

Each coaching session is specially set up for you. In a free preliminary call, individual needs are discussed. As a general rule, coaching lasts several months with one training per week.

duration 90mins
price per coaching: 130 Euro
low income <2000 Euro /month: 90 Euro
meeting in person in Kreuzberg or on Zoom/Sykpe

ask for an appointment:
tel: 30/ 54482123

The sessions with Filip are very efficient and supportive. Filip is very empathic and clear in his approach - this supports me in putting my thinking in the background and getting involved with the level of my feelings and needs. I'm particularly impressed by Filip's distinct ability to point out connections that had remained hidden from me. He connects topics with each other that I had not even become aware of. This brings me great steps forward - with these new insights, completely new possibilities and solution paths opened up for me. The sessions with you are enormously helpful. Filip, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Time and again, people are surprised at the areas in which I can help them with my coaching based on Nonviolent Communication / NVC. Access to our feelings and needs and the ability to find the right words for them – to express our experiences authentically – helps us in many areas of life and can provide clarity, connection and a new quality of life. Here are some topics & occasions:

You have conflicts with other people, your family, at work or in your relationship. You want to understand  why you feel bad and how you can express yourself peacefully in conflicts.

You often have thoughts of not doing it „right“ and criticize yourself when you don’t live up to your expectations. You are often filled with regrets.

You and your parter don’t reach a balance where you feel permanently safe and connected. If one comes closer, the other moves further away. Or you live in an open relationship that repeatedly causes pain. You want to understand the background and change it.

You keep feeling sadness, anger or fear for no clear reason and want to understand what is causing these feelings – where they come from and how you can use their potential. You want to take better care of yourself and free yourself from unpleasant feelings.

You find it difficult to finish things and motivate yourself for new things. Or you don’t quite know where to focus your energy. Discover a new zest for life with NVC.

You find it difficult to get involved more deeply in friendships or partnerships. You are worried about rejection. You want to understand why this is the case and learn to allow more closeness – to feel safe in it.

You are not completely satisfied with your job and would like to leave it, but are unsure which job will make you happy or fulfill you. You want to find the work that fulfills your needs.

You are physically and mentally tense or unclear in your thoughts and want to look behind them, sort yourself out and feel lighter again. You long for clarity & connection with yourself and strength to move forward.

You want to feel more quickly when something is not okay for you and be able to say „no“ more clearly so that the other person understands you. You want to take better care of yourself and what you need.

You sometimes tend to explode and get very angry or on the other side you can’t even let yourself be angry. How can you deal with anger in conflicts?

Sometimes you are paralyzed by various thoughts and react very strongly and impulsively or you don’t take any action at all because no step feels right. Get to know your inner parts, pay attention to them and take action.

You work a lot and can’t let go of tasks that aren’t done properly, which throws you off balance, but you can’t say „no“ so easily. Performance is important to you – you want to understand this and take better care of yourself.

You want to find out how you can grow mentally and live an even more fulfilling life. You want to try new things and get to know new sides of yourself. You are curious to use NVC to expand your awareness of yourself and reality.

You long for peace in your thoughts and with your fellow human beings. You are curious about how you can improve your situation and finally find more peace and serenity in your life.

You want to get more in touch with yourself and others. You want to learn how to actively build an authentic connection & realtion with yourself and others.

You want to change the impact of  your upbringing and learn to speak more sensitively and in connection with the needs and feelings of others – to communicate authentically and express compassion without being seen or judged „inferior“ or „weak“.

You want to learn to trust better and find ways to deal with your fear. Together we’ll take a look and see what you need to do this.

You have lost someone or something important in your life and would like to be seen in your grief and receive support.

You have the impression that you are often doing something that is not entirely good for you – do you have some beliefs from past experiences that prevent you from being free?

It is not so easy for you not to speak purely rationally, but to truly feel what is going on inside you and put it into words. You want to learn to express your inner life and be more open about what is going on inside you and understand, communicate what you need.

You have the impression that there is a wounded „inner child“ inside you that asks for attention for its emotions and needs in order to be able to move on. Together we look back to your childhood and see which needs require attention.

You sometimes feel uncomfortable and under pressure in your family or with friends – you want to understand the relationship-constellations better and be able to position yourself more clearly. In a visual constellation, you can feel and understand yourself better in the structure of your relationships. This allows you to take better action.

You want to take a closer look at your feelings and needs around past situations in your life and create clarity – to emerge stronger and take better care of yourself. You want to see how old experiences influence you in the present and you want to let go of it.

You want to create your own supportive affirmations with which you can rewire your brain and synapses to consciously change your actions and free yourself from old habits.

You want to get to know yourself better and understand which different ‚inner parts‘ you have inside you – where they come from, what their role is. You want to learn to give them attention and say goodbye to some of them.

You have situations in which you can’t feel yourself so well or you don’t have the words for what is happening inside you. You want to strengthen your body awareness and speak about your feelings and sensations.

You are curious to understand what needs are hidden behind your sexual fantasies and how this may be connected to your childhood. You want to use sexuality consciously and mindfully as a stage for pursuing your needs.

You are curious to understand the hidden needs behind your dreams and how you can give your dreams meaning to have more clarity about the now.

You notice that you keep making similar „bad“ decisions or that you end up in the same place in life that doesn’t suit you. You are curious as to why you keep getting there and want to change this.

You are curious what actually brings you joy and happiness and take action. With compassion, gratitude and appreciation, you can get more in touch with your lightness.

Giving or receiving appreciation is an issue for you? You want to learn how to speak appreciatively and actively listen in order to improve your interactions with others.

You want to find ways to listen to yourself more and use communication to show yourself genuinely how you feel and what you need. You want to learn to encourage authenticity in the other person.

You want to allow more closeness to your fellow human beings and find ways to promote connectedness in personal conversations.

You want to learn to stand up for your needs more powerfully and to assert yourself towards other people in such a way that you can still remain in appreciative contact. You want to take responsibility for yourself and stay connected.

You have an important conversation ahead of you and want to find clarity and learn how to express yourself so that the other person really understands you and you can effectively communicate boundaries and wishes.

Something unpleasant has happened in your life – you want to look at this and experience understanding and compassion, as well as confirmation of your experience, so that you can look towards the now & future with new calm and strength.

You want to learn how to take a leadership role in your company, in your job or in your family that does not exert power over others. You want to learn how to make decisions in connection with the needs of others and how to create power together.

You have the impression of exercising a lot of control and are interested in learning how to fulfill your needs in relationships without using power, but to remain trusting and calm.