NVC deepening practice day

A one-day practice workshop & meetup for people, who are already familiar with NVC or did the introduction course with me. This means that we can go into the course with familiar faces and trust we have build among each other and towards Nonviolent Communication. New people welcome!
gfk berlin wir raum li 16 -GFK-We-Space-Berlin

We will build on the resources that were learned in the 2-day practice course, this means:

  • celebrating your honesty and vulnerability openly in the group
  • giving feeback and receiving feedback with NVC
  • the 4-steps of NVC applied
  • giving & receiving appreciation
  • solving your emotional puzzle with the NVC-dancefloor
  • diving into your emotions through music
  • connecting to your anger and expressing it nonviolently
  • making crucial decisions together
  • place for your input, experiments, individual questions
  • and, as you already know me: games, meditation, QiGong and lots of sincerity and fun!

Only for tested/vaxed people. 6-12 people only. Where and when: in Kreuzberg 10999 Berlin, 10am – 4pm with lunch break, date tbc.
price: 100 Eur. Course will be held in English.

I’m really looking forward to make this happen and to enjoy the companyonship, we have already build it, especially in these socially challenging times! Please register via: coaching@we-space.net